Andrew had just been released from jail and had only a grocery sack of clothes to his name. He didn’t have a safe place he could stay, and was at risk of finding himself back in an unhealthy situation. Through working with his Probation Officer, Andrew was referred to Goodwill’s Transitional Living Program. Together, they found an apartment in his price range which he would be able to afford, was given with furniture and household items from the Goodwill stores to set up his apartment for the first time, and began looking for employment with the help of Goodwill’s Supported Employment staff. “Goodwill’s program really helped me get started out. They paid my rent, my utilities, and even bought me the things I needed to get my apartment set up. Nate helped me to find a job I really like, I got set up with a budget, and I’m able to do everything I need to do.” Andrew adds “I think the best part is that when I finished the program, I got to stay in the apartment and just keep going with all the plans and support they’d helped me put in place.” Goodwill is proud to work alongside our partners in criminal justice to bring support and stability to those working to make a better life.