Goodwill is currently paying a possible total $600 sign-on bonus payable in
$200 increments following 2 week, 30 day and 60 days of completed employment! Join our team today!


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Assist eligible job seekers to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:    (NOTE:  Qualified persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  Reasonable accommodation will be made.)

  1. Engage individuals with complex needs in a welcoming manner and establish safe, trusting, collaborative, and empowering relationships directed toward recovery and the goal of competitive employment in community job settings.
  2. Knowledge of and ability to implement service delivery model as appropriate to individual served to include Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) and/or Customized Employment (CE) in alignment with Goodwill’s Best Practices.
  3. Complete discovery activities to assess each individual’s vocational functioning on an ongoing basis utilizing background information, work experiences, information from team, and observations to determine each individual’s contributions, preferences, requirements, and support needs.
  4. Document and maintain data in a professional, accurate, timely, and concise manner as outlined in best practices.
  5. Assess/address the complex needs of individuals served in a competent manner, recognizing the stage of change the individual is in and using Motivational Interviewing skills (OARS, Affirmation, Reflections, Summaries) and strategies (Expressing Empathy, Support Self-efficacy, Roll with Resistance, Develop Discrepancy).
  6. Assist individuals in obtaining information regarding their benefits and how they will be affected by employment. Refer individuals to benefits counseling as needed. Help individuals report their earnings as needed.
  7. With the individual’s permission for disclosure, provide education and support to family members and employers.
  8. Develop an initial career plan with each individual based on information learned during discovery and
    documented in the career assessment. Incorporate input from their team and family members resulting in
    a list of potential employers and/or vocational themes.
  9. Conduct job development, negotiation, and job search activities with individuals and employers to find positions that match both their needs and the individuals’ interests.
  10. Conduct a minimum of six face-to-face employer contacts per week. Employer contacts are designed to learn about the needs of the business, describe supports offered by the program, and describe individuals’ strengths that are relevant to the position.
  11. Provide individualized follow-along supports to assist individuals in maintaining employment. Write Career Plan with each individual incorporating input from the individual’s team and career assessment. Adjust plan according to the individual’s needs and preferences.
  12. Provide post-employment/long-term supports to include negotiating job accommodations, career advancement opportunities, and ongoing contacts with employers to assist individuals in maintaining employment.
  13. Provide outreach services in a variety of methods, as necessary, to individuals when they appear to disengage from the service.
  14. Provide timely interventions. Return phone calls and react to situations in a timely manner.
  15. Participate in team meetings with internal staff and outside providers, as appropriate, and communicate individually with team members between meetings in order to coordinate.
  16. Maintain an active caseload and spend a designated amount of work hours in the community according to individual manager expectations.
  17. Is responsible for meeting Goodwill’s department specific efficiency goals.
  18. Demonstrate the values and language of current employment service best practices.
  19. Meet attendance and appearance requirements per Goodwill policies.
  20. Perform work activities in conformance to Goodwill Values (Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Stewardship, Learning, Teamwork and Entrepreneurial Spirit.)
  21. Immediately report any wrongdoing, unethical or improper conduct, fraud, fiscal mismanagement or misappropriation of funds, etc. (Refer to the Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure for instructions on how to report.)
  22. Encourage and do not hinder in any way an employee making a report pertaining to Goodwill’s Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure or making a report of work injury.
  23. Ensure no employee is retaliated against in any way as a result of making a report related to
  24. Goodwill’s Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure or making a report of work injury.
  25. Welcome and embrace cultural diversity in all areas of Goodwill, i.e. customers, donors, volunteers, employees, or participants served.
  26. Complete other duties as assigned.


  1. High School education with two years’ experience in human services or employment field required, preferably with individuals with disabilities.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in human services field preferred.
  3. Experience in vocational support processes, such as IPS and CE preferred.
  4. Must be capable to perform all phases of vocational services (engagement, assessment, job development, job placement, job coaching, and follow-along supports).
  5. Excellent writing skills required.  Experience in data collection and documentation preferred.
  6. Ability to work as an effective team player is essential.
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license issued in the State of Nebraska and meet insurance requirements.
  8. High degree of organization.  Creative problem solving and skill in coordinating a complex array of activities and services.


  1. Ability to communicate in spoken conversation, adequate volume speech, and have normal hearing for conversation, telephone use, and emergency information systems.
  2. Ability to be independently mobile on all surfaces and situations; to move safely about the work area.
  3. Visual acuity, depth perception and field of vision within normal range.
  4. Physical stamina to work at least 8 hours per day and be able to travel to conferences, meetings, and job seekers’ homes, etc.

HOURS: Full time. Variable days; evening, weekends and holidays as necessary to work with individuals and employers.

EXCELLENT BENEFITS PACKAGE:  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Long & Short Term Disability, Flexible Spending Account, Vacation, Holiday, and Sick pay & Matching 403b Retirement

EOE/Affirmative Action Employer/and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their protected veteran status/Drug Free Employer.

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