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GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Direct and coordinate the activities of assigned programs and services within Goodwill’s Employment and Career Services department, ensuring that planned results are achieved.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  (Note:  Qualified persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  Reasonable accommodations will be made.)

  1. Ensure the department is adequately staffed.
  2. Develop expectations for each staff member.  Expectations include but are not limited to community time, employer contacts, and rate of employment based on caseloads.
  3. Adequately train and coach staff to engage individuals with complex needs in a welcoming manner and establish safe, trusting, collaborative, and empowering relationships directed toward recovery and the goal of competitive employment in community job settings.
  4. Adequately train and coach staff to assess/address the complex needs of individuals served in a competent manner, recognizing the stage of change the individual is in and using Motivational Interviewing skills (OARS, Affirmation, Reflections, Summaries) and strategies (Expressing Empathy, Support Self-efficacy, Roll with Resistance, Develop Discrepancy).
  5. Ensure collaboration is occurring with each Employment Specialist on appropriate teams.
  6. Conduct a minimum of monthly group supervision following Best Practices of Supported Employment.
  7. Provide weekly individual supervision for Employment Specialists.  Supervision will most frequently consist of office-based sessions but field mentoring will occur as well.  Frequent (weekly or monthly) field monitoring is to be completed for new Employment Specialists or for those whose outcomes are less than desirable.
  8. Complete monthly projections of individual milestones and collect and process milestones on a weekly basis.  Share milestones with the employment team on a quarterly basis.  Help team determine goals for improvement.
  9. Review individual milestones with each Employment Specialist who is assigned the individual on their caseload and develop, as needed, written plans for improvement that include assistance from the supervisor and setting goals for the individual.
  10. Act as a liaison to other departments at Goodwill, as well as other community agencies.  Communicate regularly with other managers/agencies to ensure services are integrated, to problem-solve program issues, and to act as a champion for employment.  Inform Goodwill leadership of program successes and challenges at least monthly.
  11. Work with local Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) office to coordinate programs and services.  Provide outreach to VR, offering monthly meetings to discuss shared cases.  Meet with VR supervisor at least quarterly to discuss shared outcomes.
  12. Provide supported employment to a small caseload.  If the number of Employment Specialists is seven or eight, the caseload size will not exceed two clients.
  13. Ensure that day-to-day program activities meet licensing and accrediting standards, certification requirements, contract requirements, required government regulations, and Goodwill best practices, policy and procedure.
  14. Assure standards of safety for all employees and at all service sites in the assigned region/service area.
  15. Meet attendance and appearance requirements per Goodwill policy.
  16. Perform work activities in conformance to Goodwill Values Statement which includes the values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Stewardship, Learning, Teamwork and Entrepreneurial Spirit.
  17. Immediately report any wrongdoing, unethical or improper conduct, fraud, fiscal mismanagement or misappropriation of funds, etc. (Refer to the Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure for instructions on how to report.)
  18. Encourage and do not hinder in any way an employee making a report pertaining to Goodwill’s Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure or making a report of work injury.
  19. Ensure no employee is retaliated against in any way as a result of making a report related to Goodwill’s Corporate Compliance Program Policy and Procedure or making a report of work injury.
  20. Welcome and embrace cultural diversity in all areas of Goodwill, i.e. customers, donors, volunteers, employees, or participants served.
  21. Complete other duties as assigned.

STAFF PERSONS SUPERVISED:  Employment specialists and other staff working within the assigned region/service area.

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation counseling or related field is required.  A Master’s degree is preferred.
  2. Previous experience as an Employment Specialist is desired, as is experience working with persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  Volunteer work, practicum placement, and life experience will be considered.
  3. Previous supervisory experience is valued.
  4. Knowledgeable in the fields of behavioral health, acquired brain injury, intellectual and developmental disability, transition to adulthood, and vocational rehabilitation.
  5. Experience in vocational support processes such as employer engagement, job analysis, job development, and job coaching strongly preferred.
  6. Excellent writing skills required.  Experience in data collection, documentation, and reporting preferred.
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license issued in the State of Nebraska and meet insurance requirements.

 HOURS:  Full time

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