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Nichole's Story - Managing Mental Health to Re-enter the Workforce

In the past, Nichole frequently left jobs abruptly, resulting in a compromised work history to present t to future employers. Although her initial goal was to receive disability benefits, she realized working was a key component to her mental health. Nichole worked diligently with her Employment Specialist to build confidence, problem solve, and create a resume focusing on her skills and talents. Nichole started working with one client and as her confidence grew, so did her caseload. Nichole has been working at Cornerstone Caregiving for over a year providing care with compassion and kindness and was recognized as employee of the quarter last year (2023).

Ray Exemplifies the Goodwill Story

Ray has been connected with Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska for almost 25 years. He currently participates in Developmental Disability Day Services and the Shared Living Program. A few years ago Ray “graduated” from employment and career services.

When Ray started services, folks with developmental disabilities typically did contract work at our Goodwill site for companies such as Hornady. Now, participants work at jobs in their communities. Ray collaborated with a Jennifer Barker, Goodwill Employment Program Manager to receive assistance with resumes and interviews as well as job coaching. Ray has succeeded in the world of competitive employment! He has been employed with Harbor Freight for almost four years and has earned employee of the month on two occasions as well as several pay raises.

Ray has been participating in Goodwill’s Day Services for all of his time here as well as living in a shared living home with the family of his best friend Jamie.  Ray loves to volunteer in the community and attend social outings such as the Arc of Central Nebraska’s monthly dances and going out for dinner. He says he loves Goodwill because he “likes to do things” and there are a lot of nice people here to help you.

Tim Puts in the Work

Tim initially came to Goodwill because of the concern that family and friends had for the direction in which his life was going. He also felt dissatisfaction with himself, was feeling unworthy, and needed a purpose in his life.  For over eight months, Tim has been attending day services in Goodwill’s Behavioral Health Program and states that he has been learning skills and building relationships that have greatly influenced his recovery. Today he feels more independent and self-sufficient as he now recognizes personal triggers and has techniques to deal with those triggers. Tim has also learned to reframe mistakes as learning experiences rather than failure and is currently working a part-time job that provides him the flexibility to continue to attend day service classes. He is now living a more authentic life and knows that “putting in the work” and practicing the skills he has learned will lead to success.  He says that Goodwill has helped him find his confidence and to understand that he is worthy.

Heidi Learns to Trust the Process

Heidi had significant barriers to overcome; A conviction for possession of a controlled substance, addiction, a struggle with mental and physical health, unhealthy relationships, homelessness, and unemployment. Initially, Heidi wasn’t all that interested in making any changes. But to get her conviction expunged, Heidi was required to successfully complete Drug Court. She was non-compliant and worked hard to avoid participating in Goodwill services, adding to her struggles. Over time, Heidi decided to trust the process and accepted help. “Trusting the process” is now Heidi’s motto. She graduated from Drug Court in February 2023, is making improvements to stabilize her physical and mental health, is living in her own apartment, and frequently working overtime. Heidi’s willingness to be vulnerable, accept help, and use her strength to overcome challenges is an inspiration.

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