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Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska, Inc.
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Give for the good: changing lives in Greater Nebraska give to improve lives, give opportunity, give stability, give hope



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Transforming Lives




The work that we have been able to do because of donations has transformed the lives of those affected by a developmental and intellectual disability, mental illness, substance use disorder or poverty. The stories below demonstrate that you couldn’t make a better investment.


Our Success Stories



Real People, Real Stories.

Impact of Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska

Goodwill is much more than a store – they provide many services to people living with disabilities. Each month, I hear from staff about services and I am amazed with all they accomplish. The staff are advocates for people with disabilities, creative when looking for ways to serve the community more effectively and efficiently, and flexible to adjust at a moment’s notice to changing environments. I am excited to support this outstanding organization and hope you will too.

Renea Rush
Past Operating Board President

Witnessing the impact Goodwill services have on people throughout greater Nebraska makes supporting their annual campaign an easy decision. Each month the operating board and I learn just how crucial services are to individuals in need. Over 2,000 people each year gain skills to work successfully, live independently and contribute to our communities. For some, Goodwill services allow them to continue their recovery journey. I am blessed to be a part of this great organization and fully support their mission. I hope you will too. It is an organization whose services have long lasting impacts on individuals, families and communities.

Kevin Werner
Operating Board President

Please join me in supporting Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska in their annual campaign. Goodwill provides jobs and supports independent living skills for individuals with disabilities or barriers to reach their full potential as contributing members of society. As a Goodwill board member, I have the opportunity to interact with people in services and to hear success stories about individuals living independently and thriving in the greater Nebraska area. Goodwill impacts many Nebraskans and I hope you will support Goodwill by giving to their annual campaign.

Robin Dexter
Foundation Board Secretary/Treasurer & Operating Board

Why do I give to the Annual Campaign? I have been a shopper at Goodwill’s stores for many years and have dropped off numerous donations. However, I never knew exactly what Goodwill did. I was asked to join the Foundation Board a couple of years ago and my eyes were opened. They support people with disabilities or barriers grow into more independent lives with effective programs that assist with employment, developing life skills, recovery and securing safe and affordable housing. When I attend a board meeting, I see the participants that are served by your generosity. There is always an atmosphere of excitement and a constant “buzz” of conversation. Please join me in supporting the annual campaign so we can keep this good thing going!

Lissa Moeller
Foundation Board President

I have supported Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska for 30+ years, not only financially but also through service on both the operating and foundation boards. Why do I do it? I support Goodwill because they help people! Their services meet the needs for people living with disabilities, and they do it with dignity and compassion. I have had lifelong friends who receive services from Goodwill and I am grateful every day for what is done for them! Please join in and help Goodwill during their annual campaign, I can promise you that your contributions will help those in greater Nebraska who truly need a hand to lift them up.

Jerry Huismann
Goodwill Foundation, Vice President & Former Goodwill Operating, Board Member

I have been supporting Goodwill’s annual campaign and other events for many, many years and I am honored to do so. The work they do to support individuals living with disabilities is top-notch. They truly care about the people they serve and provide services with compassion, respect and integrity. As funds from other sources decline, your gift is more important than ever. I hope you will join me in supporting Goodwill’s annual campaign and support people to live their best lives.

Mike Garrett
Past Foundation Board President



Changing lives in Nebraska, one donation at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more information? Check out the answers to these common questions:

Yes, financial gifts and the donation of items are tax-deductible.

Decreases in funding, regulation revisions and changes in the overall retail industry makes raising funds through our annual campaign more important than ever.

Your financial gift supports services to over 2,000 individuals living between Columbus and Scottsbluff in Employment & Career Services, Behavioral Health Services, Developmental Disability Services and Court Appointed Services.

Absolutely! We make setting up recurring payments easy! Payments starting at $10 per month can be automatically charged to your credit-card or deducted from your checking account. Every gift over time, adds up and makes a big difference in the lives of the people receiving services.

Yes, your financial gift stays stay local, in greater Nebraska (55 county territory), to help over 2,000 individuals receive services.

Feel free to submit specific questions via our contact form!

The items that you donate either at a retail store or donation drive are sold in our retail stores.  Proceeds from the sale of the items in our retail stores support our  programs and services that assist people living with a disability or barrier find employment, develop life skills and assist them in their recovery journey.

Fill out our contact form and we will get you connected with the department that can best assist you.

Yes, Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska holds one large annual fundraiser called the Platte River Charity Shoot on the middle of July. We also participate in the local community Give Days in Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, and Lexington.


Have more questions about making a donation? Please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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It’s true. One gift does change a life.

Your Gift = Investing in Changing Lives

Every gift makes a difference!

Your gift helps people receiving services and benefits your community. Gifts of any amount improve lives with effective programs that assist with employment, developing life skills, recovery and independence.


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