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Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska, Inc.
Ways to Support

Plan a Donation Drive

Organize a donation drive for your community!



Overview of How to Set Up Your Donation Drive

man driving a Goodwill trailer

  • Call Rich Glines, Donation Drive & Production Coordinator, at (308) 384-7896 to check availability for your area.
  • You choose the location of where your drive will be and a set of dates to host a Donation Drive.
  • Promote your Donation Drive in your community (see section below for ideas)
  • We will drop off a trailer at the agreed upon location on the first day of your donation drive. We will pick that trailer up on the last day of your drive.
  • Drives are scheduled first-come, first-served basis. We are limited by trailer availability.
  • (Optional) Assign someone to unlock the trailer in the morning and lock it up in the evening. If you would like, you can request a padlock to use to to safeguard the donations at night.

Tips for a Successful Donation Drive

box of donations for Goodwill

  • Start collecting items before the event. Pre-collection is KEY.
  • Pass out flyers to everyone you know and distribute them at homes throughout the community.
  • Hang posters around your event location and at businesses throughout the community.
  • Post event details on Facebook, Twitter, Community Calendars, and on your town’s website.
  • Call local radio stations and newspapers and request it to be added to their upcoming events calendar.
  • Recruit volunteers to help family and friends clean out their garages, attics, or closets and deliver items to the drive.
  • Request donations from businesses in your community.
  • Organize a pick up for items from those who cannot bring them to your drive (eg: senior centers, local business, etc.)
  • Collect unclaimed items from lost and found or laundromats in your community.
  • If collecting as part of a fundraiser, organize a competition to motivate students or group members to collect donations.


Donation Drive Fundraisers

Let us help you plan your next fundraiser!

It’s the ultimate win-win. Your organization can earn money while helping Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska’s mission.

How You Are Paid:

The total number of pounds collected during a drive will earn $.05/lb.

For example: if your drive collects 2,000 pounds, you would get $100 (2,000 x $.05).






Get Started Today!

To see a list of items that Goodwill can and can't accept as donations, see our Donate page. If you are unsure if an item can be donated, if you have any other questions, or if you're ready to get started, please contact our Donation Drive & Production Coordinator:

Rich Glines

Donation Drive & Production Coordinator

(308) 384-7896

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